Organic Merchant Spice It Up Gift Set

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Add some spice to your life. The Spice It Up Tea Gift Set is the exotic version of our gift box range and is perfect for those willing to take their taste buds on an aromatic journey.

Spicy Chai Tea: exotic + warm
Our fascinating blend of Indian spices with comforting citrus flavours is sure to leave you hanging for more. This long established amalgam of spices supports digestion and circulation. The blend is caffeine free, so it can be enjoyed day or night. It goes great with milk and honey. The Spicy Chai Tea Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea: refreshing + zesty
There are many times in life where simplicity is key, and this is one of them. Although being such a simple blend it is sure to give you a host of sensations from zesty and sweet to spicy. This tea is simplicity with a twist. Similar blends have a long history of being used to decrease nausea and ease digestion. Our Lemongrass & Ginger blend can be enjoyed hot or cold, as an Iced Tea. Add a slice of lemon for an extra zesty kick. The Lemongrass & Ginger Tea Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Golden Chai Tea: turmeric + calendula
Our hand blended Golden Chai Tea supports three areas of your health: digestion, circulation and anti-inflammation, and gives you that extra bounce to feel on top of your day and week. This alluring concoction of Indian spices with turmeric and calendula is a caffeine free chai tea, often served with honey and milk. The Golden Chai Tea Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Turkish Delight Tea: apple + cinnamon + rose
Our naturally sweet Turkish Delight Tea, with a hint of sour spiced apples, is abundant in antioxidants and high in Pectin which helps lower cholesterol and promote a healthy digestive system. The Turkish Delight Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Tea Infuser
Serving: 32 – 36 cups in total.