Organic Merchant Soul Seeker Gift Box

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Are you looking for tea that is perfect for a beam of clarity and a joyful lift of spirits? Our Soul Seeker Tea Gift Set might be the right tea gift box for you. The blends featured in it were chosen for the herbs that help you feel at peace and calm down in the middle of a stressful day.

Energy Tea: sweet + citrus + softly spiced
The adrenal herbs found in this blend support balancing the body and mind. It is wonderfully uplifting and has revitalising benefits. The herbs that can be found in it are traditionally used to support adrenals and regulate blood sugar levels. The Energy Tea Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Chakra Tea: floral + basil + mint
Whenever you need to centre yourself, this blend will come in handy. It is a floral mint tea blended with seven different herbs to keep your mind, body and soul moving in harmony. The Chakra Tea Sample Sachet found in our soul seeker tea gift set serves 8-9 cups.

Peaceful Tea: smooth + floral
The harmonious blend of herbs found in the Peaceful Tea instils calmness, cultivates inner peace and uplifts emotions, for a renewed and peaceful you. This soothing floral tea helps release physical tension and is an absolute must in our Soul Seeker Tea Gift Set. The Peaceful Tea Sample Sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Meditation Tea: basil + mint + rose
The herbs in this blend were carefully selected to invite awakening and awareness. Achieve inner clarity and a union of the heart and mind. The Meditation Tea Sample Sachet found in our tea gift set for soul seekers serves 8-9 cups.

Tea Infuser
Serving: 32 – 36 cups in total.