Raine & Humble Lemon Marmalade Napkin Set 4 - Dark Slate

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One of the most charming and stylish ways to add a bit of life to your dining table is with a beautifully designed napkin. The Lemon Marmalade napkin, created by Raine & Humble, does just that. Crafted from a recycled cotton blend, it measures 40 x 40 cm and features a bold and lively lemon theme. The hand-drawn design depicts golden-yellow lemons on a slate background, resulting in a lovely contrast that is both engaging and timeless.The dark slate print lends the Lemon Marmalade napkin a sophisticated edge that is perfect for more formal occasions. It pairs exceptionally well with other dark-hued table linens and settings, creating a sense of depth and elegance that is not often found in home decor.

In terms of practicality, Raine & Humble has ensured that the napkin is machine washable. This means that it can be easily cleaned and reused without the fear of it becoming stained or frayed after a single use.

Overall, the Lemon Marmalade napkin by Raine & Humble offers up a practical yet stylish addition to any table. Its combination of sustainable materials and consideration for beautiful design makes it a unique and much-appreciated item for both everyday use or special occasions.