Ioco Fresh Shoe Bamboo Charcoal Pouch Natural Absorber s/2 - Black

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Have you got stinky shoes? Are they making your wardrobe smelly? You may need to try IOco's Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Fresh range.

The IOco Natural Absorbers contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal which is 4 times more porous than regular charcoal due to millions of tiny holes giving it the ability to absorb:

Odours - Moisture - Bacteria - Chemicals, preventing mold & mildew.

Use in wardrobes, cupboards, bedrooms, toilets, gym bags, cars, pet areas etc.


Re-use & Re-activate your IOco Bamboo Charcoal Bag by placing it in the sunlight for 1 hour every month. UV rays clear the pores and re-set the bamboo charcoal ready to use again.

Recycle after 2 years by sprinkling it into the garden soil to complete the carbon cycle, as well as providing nutrients and water retention.

Size: Shoe Fresh - 200 grams