Borner V5 Power Starter Set - White

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You will love our V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer. Unbeatable in speed and precison when preparing slices, sticks, strips and cubes from fresh vegetables & fruit. At the same time safe to use and easy on your fingers thanks to the included food safety holder. The Starter Set gives you the basic equipment for 10 cutting choices: Cut slices in four different thicknesses from thick to ultra thin with the slice insert; sticks and cubes either more coarse or thinner are achieved with the 3.5mm and 7mm blade inserts. The versatility of the V5 makes the preparation of salads, soups, casserole dishes, pan dishes and countless other delicacies a real pleasure. The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities.

The food safety holder fits securely and protects your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. The inner bars hold the cut material when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetable with leaving little waste. At the same time protect your fingers from the sharp Borner blades.

Simply rinse the vegetable slicer and blade inserts under running water. Then push the slice insert all the way towards the last marking - which now serves as a child lock. Let your V5 drip-dry in the included insert box. The box also provides room for the blade inserts and the food holder can be attached. This makes for a space saving storage and keeps everything handy for the next use.

All parts of this set are food-safe, free of BPA, softening agents and harmful substances. This secures the carefree preparation of healthy and appealing meals for you and your family.

Thanks to the height-adjustable insert of the V5 PowerLine Slicer, it is possible to cut in four different thicknesses. Push the insert all the way to the front, it serves as a safety insert and protects against the sharp knives of the cutter.

With the 3.5mm insert you cut fine strips and cubes from various fruits. Julienne strips, which you can make with this insert, are great for raw food salads.

7mm blade insert
The 7mm blade insert allows you to cut rough strips and cubes out of fruits and vegetables, which you can use for salads and soups.

Borner is distinguished above all by its ultra sharp blades, which is why it is necessary to take the fruit holder for processing. With that you protect your fingers and process the fruit with minimal waste.

The insert box is a useful addition to your slicer, because all your blade inserts find their place there. It can also be attached to your slicer and provides additional stability.