Avanti Wine Aerating Pourer

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The Avanti® Wine Aerating Pourer filters, splits and oxygenates wine as it pours. When wine is poured through, its internal design increases wine's velocity but decreasing its pressure. The pressure difference creates a vacuum that draws in fresh air which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration. Simple to use, just insert the wine pourer into the bottle and pour wine through. For maximum aeration, ensure to tilt bottle diagonally when pouring. You will notice and hear the bubbles flowing through the wine indicating the combination of wine & air, enhancing the bouquet and flavour instantly. Indulge yourself into a better wine experience with Avanti® Wine Aerator Pourer. Designed to infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen, enhancing aromas, flavours and providing a smoother finish in the time it takes to pour a glass. It features dual air intake vents for an optimised airflow that draws in oxygen to aerate the wine simulating decanting. A curved spout ensures accurate and dripless pouring and the ribbed gasket ensures and airtight fit on any standard bottle of wine preventing leaking.

BPA free
Simulates decanting instantly
Enhances aromas and flavours
Fits any standard size wine bottle
Integrated dual aeration intake
No leak splash guard
Dripless spout
Dishwasher safe
Hand wash before use. Do not use abrasive materials as this will result in scratching. Rinse in warm water after use.
1. Turn part B counter clockwise
2. Lift upwards
3. Rinse under hot water