Avanti Nouveau S/S Teapot 500ml

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The Avanti Nouveau Teapot is the perfect vessel to create and serve your special brew. Ideal for fruit, herbal and infusion teas, it is crafted from stainless steel with a mirror finish and suitable for both loose tea and tea bags. The pot features a removable laser etched infuser which sits perfectly in the centre of the teapot, allowing water to infuse with the loose tea from all angles, creating a fuller flavoured tea.

500 ml capacity
Stainless Steel construction
Removable laser etched infuser
High-Polished mirror finish
Dishwasher safe
Pre-warm the tea pot by rinsing with boiling water
Spoon one teaspoon of tea per person and one for the pot into the infuser
Pour fresh water just off the boil through the infuser into the teapot and brew to the desired strength. [For optimum results never use re-boiled or stale water]
Leave brew to steep for a few minutes . This important pause allows time for the tea to release its rich full-bodied flavour
Serve tea within ten minutes of it reaching the brew strength desired.
Clean infuser with warm water and washing-up liquid. A washing-up brush may be helpful in removing tea residue
Rinse thoroughly
Avoid abrasive cleaners and scourers when hand-washing
Wipe dry with a soft cloth
Dishwasher safe.