Avanti Beechwood Pastry Brush 3.5cm

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The Avanti® Pastry Brushes are designed for glazing pastry, basting foods as well as oiling or buttering bakeware. The brushes are also handy for cleaning coffee grinders and spice mills. Made from sterilized natural boar bristles, the bristles are set to a stainless steel ferrule that withstand heat better than plastic or composite. The wood handles are lacquered for moisture resistance. Boar bristle brushes are the choice of professionals and accomplished home bakers for durability and precision.

Brush width - 4cm
Natural boar bristles
Lacquered handles
Hand wash only. Apply a few dots of dish detergent to the brush close to the ferule (the metal part) then put brush under running water. MASSAGE the brush from the ferule toward the brush tips. Repeat till nice and clean. Then wrap the brush in a few twirls of paper towel and press down, removing as much water as possible while keeping the shape of the bristles intact. Press on new sections of paper towel until you've squeezed out all the water you can. Take the brush out of the paper towel and place on a surface with the bristles in the air, not resting on the surface