T2 Glass Jug-A-Lot 1.5lt - Black

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Glass Jug-A-Lot 1.5 L Black

A party-ready pitcher that’ll take care of everything from brew to pour! Durable borosilicate glass and a long stainless steel infuser mean you can infuse your tea, let it cool then load it up with ice and fresh fruit. Pop the glass lid on and you’re off – perfect iced tea sipping for all seasons.

Borosilicate glass, stainless steel infuser, silicone rim. Infuser and silicone rim are dishwasher safe but a gentle hand wash is recommended. Infuser is not suitable for microwave use. Gentle hand wash only for the glass jug. Ensure jug is clean and dry before being stored.

Your new jug is made of glass - handle with care! Avoid dropping your glass jug and be gentle when opening, closing, inserting and removing inner parts and lid.

Avoid exposing your glass jug to drastic changes in temperature by allowing it to slowly change into room temperature first (e.g don't take your jug out of the fridge and pour in boiling water).