T2 Sips - Greatest Greens

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Net Weight: 44g/1.5oz

Freshly picked and ready for tea time, this crop of green teas will see you sipping your way through everything from sweet hazelnut brittle, to coconut and pineapple, to ethereal jasmine.

Contains: 10 x Loose Leaf Tea Sachets.

China Jasmine: Green tea, jasmine.
Geisha Getaway: Green tea, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), coconut, natural and artificial flavouring.
Gorgeous Geisha: Green tea, natural and artificial flavouring, freeze dried strawberries.
Green Rose: Green tea, currants (currants, anti-caking agent: sunflower oil), papaya bits (papaya, sugar), rose petals, mango bits (mango, sugar, acidifier: E330), natural and artificial flavouring, cornflower petals.
Jade Mountain: Gen mai cha (roasted rice, green tea, popped rice), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut), cocoa husks, sweet blackberry leaves, chicory root, almonds, carob, natural and artificial flavouring CONTAINS TREE NUTS.
Japanese GMC Sencha: Green tea, roasted rice, popped rice.
Japanese Sencha: Green tea.
Lemon Sorbet: Green tea, white hibiscus, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon myrtle, lemon peel, natural and artificial flavouring, sandy everlasting flower.
Marrakech: Green tea, natural flavouring (peppermint oil).
Sencha Peach: Green tea, peach bits (peach, anti-caking agent: rice flour), natural and artificial flavouring, mallow flowers, chamomile.