Shun Electric Wet Sharpener

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Japanese artisans sharpen and polish their blades using larger versions of the same wet sharpening technology as in this Shun Electric Sharpener.

Due to the beveled position of the device, the finely grained grindstone gets kept damped while grinding. Therefore, small occasional splinters get washed away and the blade as well as the grindstone is saved from unintentional overheating.

So-called burrs ? sharp edges, fraying and coarse splinters ? can be removed manually by the use of the added deburring brush.

Japanese blades, sanded on both sides, get grinded in a 16 degrees angle. For the grinding of blades of European manufacturers an angle of 22 degrees can be adjusted.

Precision sharpen double and single-bevelled Eastern style knives to 16" angle and Western style knives to 22" angle.

Wet sharpening keeps the blade cooand prevents damage.

Do not use for more than 15 minutes

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
Origin: Japan